Sock Monkeys For Sale
and Other Monkey Merchandise

Cool sock monkeys for sale and lots of other monkey and sock things. The more I look around for monkey and sock items, the more I am amazed at where I find them. So lets check out some of the wonderful stuff that is out there.

Whether you are looking for a sock purse, a toy for your pet, or maybe even a super groovy monkey wine cover (who thought of that one), you'll find it here. Quite honestly, whenever I find anything that looks appealing (or just down right funny) that is monkey or sock orientated I will pop it in here. Oh, the things we do to entertain ourselves!

Anyway, back to business. Below you will find a list of whats here, whats coming and as I find cool sock monkeys for sale and related items I will just add them in. If you want to keep updated with the latest additions just click on the whats new tab (top left) and you'll see all the recent additions and updated pages, then you won't miss a thing.