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If you have a puppy that loves to crunch on water bottles, then a Booda Crinkle Critter dog toy will be a fun treat. There is so much fun to be had with a lovable sock monkey with an empty water bottle inside of it, and when that bottle has been all crunched up, just insert another empty water bottle and start playing all over again.

They are available in mini and large sizes and there are sock monkey girls in lilac and sock monkey boys in blue.

Sock Pals Multipet pet toys are very cool and the best thing is they are handcrafted from real socks! Puppies just love to grab and yank on our socks, many a dog owner has lost a sock (or two) over time, so why not give puppies their very own socks to chew on. Each Multipet sock toy includes a super fun squeaker inside.

Sock Monkey Dog T Shirts and Dog Sweater

You may also like a sock monkey t shirt for you dog. Check out the t shirt with the monkey walking the dog, very amusing especially if the dog wearing it has a sock monkey toy in it's mouth. OK - things like that amuse me.

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