Rockford Red Heel Socks
Original Sock Monkey Socks

Make yourself a genuine handmade sock monkey toy with original Rockford Red Heel Socks.

The sock elephant and sock monkey instructions are included in the packaging. The original Rockford Red Heels socks are available in brown, pink and blue.

It's the red heeled socks from Fox River that create traditional vintage looking sock monkeys and other old fashioned sock animals.

There is a great range of sizes. You can buy pairs of Red Heel Socks in mini (toddler size), small, medium, large and X-large sizes.

Although the three official colors of the Rockford Red heel are blue heather, pink heather and brown tweed I like making my sock monkeys out of the brown tweed socks the most. Personal preference is key, do whatever suits you best.

The main thing to remember when you get your socks to make sock dolls out of them is, the bigger the sock, the bigger the sock monkey. Makes so much sense really, doesn't it! 

I personally like to use the medium and large sized socks. I did make a sock monkey out of small socks once, but it was so fiddly and the result was a very 'small' monkey, of course! It seemed to take just as long as making a large one and I just feel like I get more bang for my buck using the bigger socks.

Making a sock doll is relatively easy and everything you need to know about how to make a monkey or an elephant arrives with the socks (on the packaging).

You actually don't need a pattern as such, just directions on where to cut your socks, you can get the free sock monkey and sock elephant directions right here . These instructions are the same as the instructions you would receive on the packaging of Rockford Red Heel socks.

I love Rockford socks and have made many funky sock monkeys with them! They really are very strong socks. You need to watch that you don't get socks that are too thin as the sock toy isn't going to be as durable and won't last as well if it's being "loved" by little hands.

I can attest to the fact that the Rockford Red heel socks handle the rough and tumble of being played with by my three boys, so they must be pretty strong. I do have to remind them not to play tug of war with the sock monkeys, and I am impressed the arms, legs or tails have never been yanked off - so far at least!

What is great about using the same type of socks to make lots of monkeys, is that even though you follow the same pattern and sew them together the same way, they all seem to come out the other end of the process with their own unique personalities. 

I have made so many sock monkeys now and that always seems to be the case. Honestly, some have come out so ugly but that seemed to make them even more awesome. I don't have photos of them all otherwise I could have shown you what they looked like.


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