Catnip Toys
Sock Animals and Treats for Cats

Super fun catnip toys can keep your kitty entertained for hours. Delicious catnip treats for your pussy cat to enjoy can be easily made by you!

Available out there to buy are mini catnip cat toys (they are filled with the catnip herb): rabbit, cat, and fish sock animals. But you can make your own.

One of the most fun things we can give to our cats are two gifts combined into one: a cute little play toy to flick around the house and the most best-est and exciting thing for them is the aroma of catnip.

It's all about the catnip, cats go crazy for the stuff.

The benefits are hours of family fun as we watch our cats go crazy (good crazy) and healthy playtime for puss. 

Sock Animal Catnip Toys

How to make your own. Make your feline a sock monkey or any other sock animal that you think might take their fancy and along with the usual stuffing get some catnip and pop that in too.

Actually, if you can't be bothered with making a sock toy, gezzz, just grab a sock stuff some catnip into it and tie a knot into the end. Hey Presto! Done!

After you stitch up your sock toy or have tied a knot in the end of a sock, you might want to attach a string to your doll or animal (the stuffed one, not your cat) so you can tow it around to really get your cat in a frenzy.

Attaching a string to the critters so you can drag them around would be a cats dream, nothings better than chasing, and swatting at a moving target. 

Just make sure you don't make your sock toy too fancy, well it's up to you really you can do what ever you like but keep it safe for who ever is going to be attacking the toy. Wouldn't want any live critters choking on any button eyes or anything such like.

Plus, it's going to get shredded with those sharp nails clawing all over it. It's a complement really when they completely destroy all your hard work and pull apart that little buddy that you spent hours creating for their enjoyment. 

I might just grab a sock and put a knot in the end next time. 

If you are wanting a catnip sock Amazon to have one to purchase.

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