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Genuine Monkeez Sock Monkey Doll

If you are looking to buy sock monkey things like:

a sock monkey toy,sock animals, clip-ons, chairs, tables, nightlights, theaters, puppets, sock monkey clothes or a banana car, then..... the Genuine Monkeez range might be what you are looking for.

It's fun to buy sock monkey items, they are great for gifts, to keep yourself, to collect or to play with daily (OK that is for the really addicted monkey lovers).

I've tracked down a few items in their range and I'm still on the hunt for more.

Sock Monkey Plush Toys

They have a fabulous range of sock monkey toys to choose from.

The sizes range are: tiny 9", small 14", medium 21" and 25", large 42". These cool plush toys can come in stripes, yellow, red, blue, orange, green, purple polka dots, green polka dots, Americana and more...

Sock Animals

In true sock monkey style you can also get these sock animals: sock cat, sock dog, sock cow, sock elephant, sock hippo, sock zebra, sock pig, sock giraffe, sock gator, sock rabbit, sock frog.

These farm sock animals and zoo sock animals are cute to look at and hold and they all have cute names too, like Cookie, Pearl, Harper, Elroy, Fritz, Zippy and more...

Sock Monkey Baby Clothing

Monkey Receiving Blanket, Sock Monkey Baby Bibs - Set of 4, Sock Monkey Printed Monkey Bib, Onesies: printed infant onsies (3-6 months), (6-9 months)

Sock Monkey Accessories


  • Sock Monkey Bubble Night Light
  • Sock Monkey Face Glass Night Light
  • Sock Monkey with Heart Night Light
  • Genuine Monkeez Sock Monkey Gift set of 4 Assorted Light Up Shimmer Lights


  • Sock Monkey 23" x 27" Puppet Theatre
  • Sock Monkey Finger Puppets and Theatre Gift set of 2

Hand Puppets:

  • Red Sock Monkey Hand Puppet
  • Blue Sock Monkey Hand Puppet
  • Stripes Sock Monkey Hand Puppets

Sock Monkey Furniture:

  • Sock Monkey Toy Bed
  • Sock Monkey Wooden Chair
  • Wagon for Small Sock Monkey
  • Sock Monkey by Genuine Monkeez Banana Car
  • Sock Monkey Theme by Genuine Monkeez Polka Dot Kids Room Table

Clip-ons and Bags:

  • Sock Monkey Plush Toy Clip-ons in: Americana, striped and polka dot
  • Sock Zoo Animal Plush Toy Clip-ons; Gift Set of 4 Assorted
  • Sock Monkey Patterned Nested Carry Cases Set of 3
  • Sock Monkey by Genuine Monkeez Felted Tote Bag
  • Sock Monkey Goody Bags, party favors gift bags in 4 colours

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