Monkey Table Lamp
and Monkey Night Lights

Monkey table lamp and fun sock monkey night lights for kid's bedrooms and nurseries.

Monkey lamps and night lights are a fun way to add a soft warm comforting glow to a child's bedroom.

Plug in a cute sock monkey light to add a whimsical touch to your decor.

Kid's Monkey Night Lights and Lamps

I love the fun orange Sock Monkey night light pal. He stands 5", and has an on/off switch on his base, he's quite delightful really wearing his cute little green cap and holding the red heart.

The other fellow is more in the mood of Christmas, he sits on a Christmas ball ornament that is a brilliant shiny lime green colour. The super fun thing about this night light is that as it warms up it begins to bubble with glitter. Cool hah!

Lumisource IV Monkey Murray the Monkey Lamp
With their fun colors and shapes these friendly nightlights will put a smile on your face. NightTime Pals are perfect for a child s room or for anyone looking to add a little whimsy to their decor. When illuminated these critters produce a soft and warm light emitting a comforting glow. Pair a NightTime Pal with a friend to enhance your collection

The Lumisource monkey lamp is an unusual looking and very whimsical lamp. Don't you just love it's lovely cute smile and the fact that it's little arms, legs, tail and ears are all sticking out from the main body of the lamp. I think it's fabulous as I'm sure many kids do!

sock monkey table lamp

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