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You know what, I used to have links to quite a few sock monkey kits on here but honestly, you might find it is preferable to download one of the free patterns you can get here and then spend your money on finding a pair of fun socks to make your sock monkey or whatever sock animal you're thinking of making.

You might even have a pair of socks in a draw that will be perfect for making a sock pet. 

If you are wanting a sock monkey kit that has got all of the bits and pieces you need you might want to check out this Ultimate All-in-One Box Sock Monkey Kit with Pattern Pre - Sewn on Socks (Rockford Red Heel Brown).

This is a great gift for someone who's just getting into sock monkey making as the socks are already sewn for you and you just need to cut them out, stuff them and sew the body parts together. 

If you are looking at making a sock monkey out of an original pair of Rockford Red Heel Socks they come with the pattern attached which is super helpful and is the same as the pdf downloads you can get on our pattern page.

If you are after some inspiration and want to get a book to give you ideas or follow along with and make exactly what they are showing these book below are fun and innovative for sure. 

Make Your Own Stupid Sock Creatures John Murphy's sock creations are a very fun. If you want to create a sock creature like no other, you need this book, it'll get your brain thinking and ideas flowing. All you need is some time and a sense of humor.

John's sock creatures are very inspirational and entertaining. There are crazy expressions, multiple eyes, tails and crazy shaped heads there a wide variety of characters to make.

Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures: Evolutions, Mutations, and Other Creations This is John's second Stupid Sock Creature book and it includes 20 weird and wacky projects, some crazy-cute quadrupeds, two-headed beasts, and monsters. All of the projects are simple from the one-sock monster all the way up to a four-sock creature. There is something for everyone in this book. It has fun and easy to understand instructions that you'll have fun creating into wacky sock creatures.

As always, the directions for sock toys are generally simple and if you do not have a sewing machine, it is OK, as these sock creatures can be completely handmade (it just takes a little longer).

Sock crafts are great for kids, children get to make totally original pieces of stuffed art and of course they are great for adults too.

Anything goes when it comes to being crafty with sock dolls. You can stick to a classic looking sock monkey, alter expressions on the face, dress in any clothes, add any accessories and make any animal or crazy, wild, weird creature that you can think of out of a sock.

Use red heel socks or any other style of socks you'd like. There really are no rules. Check out our sock page if you are wanting some ideas of styles or brands of socks to use. 

sock monkey kits

This photo is of the bears I made from the Peejay monkey kit. The kit contained all the felt and floss needed to make the brown bear. The brown bear was so cute that I just had to make some more in different color felt.
Updated Note: The Peejay monkey kit is old school, I can only find the odd one on ebay now-a-days.

Tip: Whenever you buy a pair of original Rockford Red Heel Socks they include free sock monkey and sock elephant patterns on the packaging.

The patterns for the little felt toys in the sock animal kits make very cute little accessories. When I made Peejay sock monkey and his teddy bear all three of my boys wanted their own felt teddy. They stand about 6 inches tall, the felt teddies that is, not my boys.

Actually, another idea is to use green and red felt and make Christmas teddies, don't you think they would look really cute on a Christmas tree. I love homemade Christmas decorations for trees! Of course the teddy pattern could be used to make felt sock monkeys too - use brown or grey felt for the body, a white round mouth with a smaller red piece of felt in the center. Black stitching for eyes and mouth. Skip the tummy patch that the bear has but give your monkey white felt on the ends of his arms and legs.


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