Sock Monkey Book

Grab a socktastic sock monkey book featuring a lovable sock monkey toy.

Follow Rockford sock monkey dolls on exciting adventures in fabulous stories with wonderful pictures. Lots of sock monkey entertainment for hours of enjoyment.

Get cozy and cuddle up at night with a sock monkey toy and a sock monkey story.

Yes, sock monkeys love it when you choose a sock monkey book for their bed time story, it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside (it's that or the fact that they are filled with stuffing).

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The Toys That Rescued Christmas

On Christmas Eve all the presents in the house mysteriously disappear from beneath the Christmas tree. Things get complicated when wise cracking Smuckey the sock monkey, a red sports car and a sensitive train fall into a trap set by toys from Christmas past. They seem hurt by the fact that once Christmas has past, they're forgotten and they want to protect the new toys from being hurt and forgotten just as they were.

Sock Monkey: Uncle Gabby

Upon returning home from the University where he has become a Master Poet dedicated to the Science of Un-naming Objects the sock monkey embarks on a journey of sentimentality as he rediscovers his childhood home. Things are not as he remembers them however, and he is subjected to a series of heart-breaking realizations.

Tony Millionaire's Uncle Gabby PVC Figure

Uncle Gabby is eight inches tall, and is suffering from acute earwax build-up. His brain has a mind of its own and can wander off to greener pastures.

That Darn Yarn

This book contains two stories in one. On the right-hand side is a story about a sock monkey getting his foot snagged on a tack as he's going down the stairs. As he rambles around Ann Louise's Victorian house, he unravels. On the left-hand page is a story about Ann Louise finding a ball of yarn and beginning to knit a sock monkey. The stories merge as the book unfolds and the adventure develops.

The Christmas Tail of Sampson the Silly-Looking Sock Monkey

Sampson, the sock monkey, asks the Christmas tree angel why Christmas day is so special. The angel's answer gives Sampson a reason to feel special, and inspires everyone to celebrate with a true Christmas spirit.

The Glass Doorknob

The Sock Monkey and the other toys in the house marvel at the prismatic spectrum shining on the parlor floor. They notice that the dazzling colors are somehow emanating from the beautiful glass doorknob on the front door. Winter turns to Spring, and the apple tree at the front of the house sprouts its new leaves, casting a warm green shadow on the door. But something happens to the doorknob: it seems to be broken, and the magical light show has come to a disheartening end. As the leaves grow heavier, joy leaves the house, until Mr. Crow comes up with a plan: to repair the doorknob using very scientifical techniques!

The Adventures of Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey

Mischievous Uncle Gabby the sock monkey and his pal Drinky Crow are the heroes in this funny, and oddly endearing collection. Follow Gabby and Crow as they play matchmakers between the bat in the doll's house and the mouse in the basement, try to find a home for a shrunken head, and try to get to heaven.

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