Sock Monkey Costume

Super cute sock monkey costume for kids and adults, includes a sock monkey hat.

A fun nostalgic monkey Halloween costume to go bananas over.

Clothing children in these monkey Halloween costumes will have them looking cute and will keep them all wrapped up for trick or treating.

Children's Sock Monkey Outfits

These sock monkey outfits come with detachable tails and matching headpiece. Four kids monkey costume styles include: the ballerina with a pink tutu, the jack-o-lantern with a large orange pumpkin incasing the torso, a regular sock monkey and we can't forget the zombie sock monkey that has a bit of blood for those of you that what a bit of grose-ness. Perfect for Halloween!

Adult Sock Monkey Suit

A perfect excuse to act like a monkey, if you are wearing a sock monkey suit, right! Or maybe you don't need a costume to act that way! Just grab a bunch of bananas and you'll be all set for a fun evening of monkey-ing around. Some costumes include jumpsuit with attached tail and headpiece but do not include shoes or other accessories. New to us is the Tween red and white striped monkey costume and the funny pajama costumes for both boys and girls. Just watch where you swing that tail!

Other sock monkey apparel:
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