Monkey Clothes
For Girls and Boys

Cool monkey clothes for kids. Funky sock monkey t shirts, jerseys, sweaters and hooded sweaters for children of all ages. The most important thing to do when you are a kid is to monkey around.

What better way to show you care about sock monkeys, make a statement to show you love these guys, wear a sock monkey.

You will find an online store full of cheeky, humorous, vintage, cute, and down right gorgeous novelty sock monkey designs on all sorts of things.

Kids Sock Monkey T Shirts

Tees are available in kids small, medium and large. Colors include, navy, black, white, ash grey, red and royal blue.

Sock Monkey Sweaters and Hoodies

Both the sweaters and the hooded sweaters are made with Hanes heavyweight 50/50 cotton/polyester fleece. Snugly warm and hard wearing. The pullover hooded sweat shirt has a deep front pocket and a hood without a drawstring (for safety).

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