Sock Monkey Tee Shirt
Monkey Clothes For Babies and Toddlers

Fun sock monkey tee shirt range. Long and short sleeved toddler t shirts and organic t shirts.

Long and short sleeve body suits, baby hats, bibs and baby blankets. Organic apparel is available in select items only.

Silly sock monkeys are everywhere, even on our children. Dress you little ones in cheeky monkey clothing.

Wearing monkeys is easy when there is such a variety of clothing and accessories to chose from. Here are some fun sock monkey things so look at, if you have the time swing on over and take a look.

It can be addictive searching for monkey things as there are literally hundreds of interesting monkey things out there to buy. I'll tell you more about that at the bottom of this page.

To see our range of sock monkey baby and toddler clothing go to the Funky-Sock-Monkeys online store or head over to Amazon for a bunch of different sock money attire, links are below. 

Sock Monkey toddler tee shirts come in a fun array of colors and different styles for little boys and girls.

Sock Monkey baby body suits are available in long or short sleeve and a variety of very cute prints.

Sock Monkey bibs are available in an array of styles and colors to suit all little monkey lovers. Bibs are made from either 100% cotton or 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

Sock monkey baby blankets and snuggle blankets are available in cozy throws and made from super soft fabric.

Sock monkey kid and baby hats, fun, cut and warm.

More sock monkey apparel:

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