Monkey T Shirts and Sweaters
Funky Monkey Clothing For Women

Irresistible monkey t shirts and sweaters. Funky monkey clothing with original designs made by sock monkey fans. Tees are available in scoop neck, v-neck, and long sleeve styles. Sizes start at small and go up to plus size and maternity.

Monkeys are cute, but there is something special about sock monkeys. You can wear your sock monkeys proudly when they are as cute as they are on these tees.

Monkey t shirts can be ordered in different colors to those displayed, depending on the style. The colors can be black, heather grey, white, red, Caribbean blue, violet, light blue, light pink, light yellow. So it's just a matter of picking your t shirts and then choosing a color.

The entire family can be wearing sock monkeys. Sizes and styles are available for babies and toddlers, older boys and girls and for men

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