How To Make a Purple Sock Monkey

Make a cute purple sock monkey toy using knee high socks. Making unique stuffed sock monkey toys is easy by using different design socks and creating different style facial features.

sock monkey purple knee high socks

How to make this purple sock monkey

Step one: You will need purple tartan knee high socks.

purple sock monkey

Things you need:

The modern sock monkey pattern.
A pair of purple knee high socks
A single black knee high sock
Two buttons for eyes
Black felt
Black embroidery thread
Purple embroidery thread

If you would prefer to use a pair of purple socks only, then follow the vintage sock monkey pattern.

Eyes: A black rectangular patch of felt is stitched to the head using purple embroidery thread. The buttons for the eyes are then stitched through the felt and into the monkey.

The buttons are attached much more securely this way than if they were attached just to the felt and then the felt was stitched to the head.

Ears: Circular ears were cut and sewn together without much of an opening left to stuff them. They were stuffed and embroidered about 1/2 inch in from the edge to create an inner ear.

Then thread was secured at the opening of the ear and threaded inside the ear between the embroidered thread and the outer part of the ear.

Pulling the thread tight creates a slightly gathered effect. Stitch onto the monkeys head.

Tail: If you are using the vintage pattern, a tail will be cut from the purple socks.

If you use the modern sock monkey pattern as I did you will need to cut a tail from the black knee high sock.

I added a purple tip onto the monkeys tail by cutting a small strip from the original pair of purple socks.

I sewed the purple strip (tip) onto the end of the black strip of the tail, then I turned them right side in to sew the length of the tail. Turn right side out, stuff and attached to the monkey's butt.

Using knee high socks for a sock monkey gives it very long lanky legs. Being so long legged makes them great for posing.

purple sock monkey face
purple sock monkey face

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TIP: Mixing and matching different socks opens up the window for a endless arena of creativity. You certainly don't have to use one pair of socks per monkey, get creative and go crazy!


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