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Fun novelty monkey shirts. Sock monkey t shirts, long sleeve tee's, sweatshirts and hooded sweaters.

Funky monkey clothing with original designs made by sock monkey fans.

Hunting for original monkey apparel can be fun and easy. Really, it can! Especially when you can shop in one spot.

Cafepress have an extensive range of sock monkey clothes and other monkey merchandise.

Cafepress have monkeys on all sorts of stuff. I'll give you more info on that down below. But for now lets focus on the t-shirts and sweaters. The t shirt size range for most of these tee's is S up to 4XL. T shirts and long sleeves are available in 100% cotton.

Don't miss the men's organic t shirts, if you prefer having natural products against your skin you might love these tees. They are made from 100% organically-grown cotton.

Men's Sock Monkey T Shirts

These are just a very few of the t shirts available - there are too many to show them all here - you can see more examples, Shop or Create What's On Your Mind at CafePress.

Men's Long Sleeve Sock Monkey T Shirts

Men's Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Back to giving you more information about Shop or Create What's on Your Mind at CafePress .

You can either shop or create you own designs for monkey t shirts (or anything you'd like) and buy them online direct from Cafepress. It's certainly a fun way to obtain original custom design clothing and other accessories.

You can buy pre-designed items or if you are of the creative variety you can design your own images, and have them printed on any of the products in their range.

The product range includes items such as: BBQ aprons, mugs, bags, underwear, polos and many more .....

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