Jobst Socks and Stockings

Jobst socks and stockings are support wear offering leg relief for varicose veins, maternity, diabetes, travel, medical and athletic support as well as making supportive monkey toys. 

Most of the socks are one color only, nothing too exciting.

They are made for a purpose and focus on providing support and compression and not on being bright and colorful and made into awesome sock dolls.

Although they are made for the purpose of support and creating comfort health wise they are still sock monkey worthy.

It's quite a good idea to try making sock dolls and toys out of different socks, then you can find the ones you really like.

If you want to check out some Jobst socks you'll find they offer a variety of options, you could mix up the pairs to create a funky cross colored sock toy. Mixing up sock colors is fun; I enjoy doing that.

I have always found it best to use the same type of socks. There are so many different styles and different materials that socks are made from that getting the same type is best when mixing and matching. Everything sits better. 

The dancing sock monkey is made from nice thick socks and is very sturdy and feels great. Where as the Piano sock monkey is made from thin socks. It would not work so well to mix and match such different socks.

Some socks are more stretchy than others so this affects the look of any sock doll you make. Especially if you mixed it with a sock from a different pair. But, if the look you want is a weird wacky, never seen before style, then by all means go forth and mix those socks up.

Acorn Socks snugly footwear.

Injinji Socks fun toe socks.

Jobst Support Socks for men and women.

K Bell Socks colorful pattern socks, great for sock monkeys.

Rockford Red Heel Socks the orginal sock monkey socks.

Smartwool Socks cozy wool socks.

Worlds Softest Socks Yeap, they are pretty soft.

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