Make Sock Toys With Knee Highs

Knee high socks are great to use if you are wanting to make tall monkey sock toys. Details below show you how to make the funky looking pentagon eyes that are on this sock monkey. They are not suitable for very young children.

sock monkey toys

How to make this rainbow sock monkey

Step one: You will need striped knee high socks.

sock toys sock monkey pictures

Things you need:

The modern sock monkey pattern
A pair of knee high rainbow striped socks
A single knee high black sock
Multiple colors of felt
Red embroidery thread
Black embroidery thread
Two flower buttons with loops on the back

Using the basic sock monkey pattern and instructions build your monkeys body and attach the legs, arms and mouth.

Eyes: Cut eight pieces of felt into pentagon shapes (four for each eye). I used similar colors to those printed on the socks and I cut the pentagons to a size I thought was a suitable.

The buttons that I used had loops on the back of them. As you can see below there are no holes going through the front of the flower buttons themselves.

To accommodate for the loop, I cut a small hole in the center of each pentagon. That allows the loop on the back of the button to sit nicely into the felt pieces and stick out of the bottom felt piece. The front of the flower button now sits flat on the top piece of felt.

Each button is then attached to the sock toy by stitching directly through the loop on the back of the button and into it's head.

Depending on the buttons you use to do this you may have more or less layers of felt, it will all depend on the length of the loop on the back of the buttons.

Ears: Sew the ears as per the pattern instructions, stuff slightly, and embroider with black thread around the inner part of the ears.

The opening of the ear (where the stuffing is put in) can be gathered a little by stitching a few large stitches along the opening. Pull the thread to gather and then stitch the ears on.

Tail: Cut a tail from the black sock and stitch onto the sock monkeys butt.

sock toys sock monkey face
sock toys sock monkey face

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TIP: To keep the look "pulled together" the colors of the flower buttons (red, yellow, green and purple) are colors found on the sockmonkey socks, they are also the colors of the felt behind the buttons.


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