Sock Monkey Hat Patterns

How to make a monkey hat, with free easy to knit patterns.

Keep yourself and your monkeys warm with these cool wool knit hats.

You can make these funky hand knitted hats in all sizes, from extra small sock monkey size to larger people size, the patterns are easily adjusted to fit any sized head and I'll show you how.

Monkeys (or people) wearing different hats is one of the easiest ways to change a style to match a season or special occasion.

sock monkey hat
monkey hat sock monkey red roll brim hat
halloween witch hats black sock monkey

There's two basic knitting patterns, a tiny roll brimmed hat, and a tall roll brimmed hat, that you can adjust slightly to create many different looks.

Basic Roll Brimmed Hat

Basic Roll Brimmed Hat Pattern can be used for these hats in rasta colors.

sock monkey hat
sock monkey hat

Tall Roll Brimmed Hat

The Tall Rolled Brimmed Hat Pattern can be used for:

sock monkey hat
sock monkey hat
sock monkey hat
sock monkey hat
sock monkey hat
toy hat sock monkey wizards hat

Christmas Hats

  • Elf Hat
  • Santa Hat
  • Candy Cane Hat

Hat Accessories can be added to your hats like:

Pom Poms

Don't forget you can embroider anything you'd like. On the Wizard's hat to the left I just used yellow wool and embroidered on some star which I think helped make it look very Wizardy.

If you are wanting to knit a hat with a sock monkey face on it has a fun hand knit hat.

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