Dancing Sock Monkey Doll

Make a super cute dancing sock monkey doll with pink ballet slipper knee high socks. Gone are the days of using only Rockford red heel socks to make sock toys, we love to craft sock monkey dolls from funky new socks.

sock monkey sock craft

How to make this dancing sock monkey

dancing sock monkey picture

Things you need:

The vintage sock monkey pattern
A pair of knee high pink ballet slipper socks.
Pink felt
White felt
Purple felt
Push in eyes
Black embroidery thread
Purple embroidery thread

Body: Make the body of your dancing sock monkey first, making sure not to attach the mouth until the eyes are in place.

Eyes: First cut out two small circles in white felt and push an eye through the center of each circle.

I always find it is easiest to cut a very tiny hole in the felt for the back of the eye to go through.

Then cut out two larger pink oval pieces of felt and push each eye through the center of those.

Cut any shaped larger piece of felt. I cut out a purple heart shape. The lower part of the heart is actually covered by the mouth later on in the sewing process.

sock monkey face

Both eyes were then pushed through the purple felt.

Place onto a large piece of pink felt that is cut into a square shape.

I haven't put sizes in as it really depends on what size sock you are using and honestly in this case "size doesn't matter" -the more random we are, the more original our work is!

The push in eyes are now through four layers of felt. Secure the clasps on the back of the eyes.

Embroider eye lashes with black embroidery thread. Stitching the eye lashes on at this point actually helps secure the purple felt to the larger pink piece of felt.

When you have made your sock monkey as per the basic sock monkey instructions and she's all stuffed and ready for her eyes, you can secure the pink felt to her by stitching the sides and top of the pink felt onto the head, leaving the bottom open.

A small amount of stuffing can be placed through the bottom opening of the pink felt.

The mouth is then attached below the eyes and any excess felt is left to sit under the mouth. So, you are actually stitching through the two layers of felt right down into the sock body. Stuff the mouth.

Purple thread was used to embroider a smiley mouth and a nose.

Sew the ears, stuff and stitch to head.

Attach arms and tail.

dancing sock monkey face
dancing sock monkey face

Custom Handmade Labels

When it comes to giving a handmade stuffed toy as a speacial gift, nothing beats personlizing it with the recipients name. In this case Sophie is the special new owner of this little pink and purple monkey, her name was sewn into a heart shaped felt patch.

This was done by cutting out two hearts from felt, one larger than the other. The smaller heart was then pinned on top of the larger heart and stitched together with white thread. Sophie's name was embroidered on (going through both pieces of felt). Then it was stitched onto the monkeys butt.

sock monkey label sophie

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TIP: When making a stuffed monkey animal out of knee high socks, the vintage pattern is great to use, as you get a nice long tail. If the modern pattern is used you'd get a stumpy tail or you can use a third sock to cut a long tail from. 


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