Original Bobby Jack Monkey Bedding

Original Bobby Jack monkey sheets, comforters, pillows, curtains, shams and throws.

Monkey twin bedding, full and queen bedding sets for toddlers, older kids and anyone who loves monkeys.

Although Bobby Jack isn't officially a sock monkey, I thought he deserved the honor of featuring on our website as he was just too cute to miss out on.

By getting a cute Bobby Jack Bedding set for the bedroom of your child they'll be happy little monkeys jumping on the bed. So long as they don't fall down and dump their heads.

Bobby Jack Bedding Collection

Comforter, sheet sets, and accessories are sold separately. A fun thing to know is the Bobby Shaped Pillow has a department where you can plug your MP3 player in and then be able listen to the music threw his left ear. A teenage hit by the sounds!

Bobby Jack Bedding comes in four styles:

  • Text Me: BFF - Best Friends Forever theme in green and pink.
  • Going Dotty: a combination of blue, brown, white and green, with dots, stripes and solid colors.
  • Groovy Stripe: a combination of pinks, blue, green, white and blue in solid colors, dots and stripes.
  • Burst My Bubble: Chocolate brown and pick colors with Bobby Jack blowing a bubble.

Bobby Jack bedding sets are for anyone who loves monkeys. The Burst My Bubble set is extra fun as it features monkeys and chocolate (OK - I'm partial to both) so it's super fantastic. Bobby Jack is perfect if you are looking for monkey toddler bedding as he's just so cute and inviting for little ones to hop in with.

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